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ASEBL Journal: Great Ape Personhood

Along with Dr. Gregory Tague, I co-edited the January 2019 issue of the ASEBL Journal on Great Ape personhood. The special issue features an anchor essay by Professor Shawn Thompson, “Supporting Ape Rights: Finding the Right Fit Between Science and the Law” followed by comments from philosophers and scientists, including: Gary L. Shapiro, Nicolas Delon, Elise Huchard, Zipporah Weisberg, Carlo Alvaro, Peter Woodford, Dustin Hellberg, Jennifer Vonk, Edwin J.C. van Leeuwen / Lysanne Snijders, and Leif Cocks.

The issue concludes with a response to the comments by Professor Thompson.

The special issue is linked here, and the journal blog here.

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